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Plumbing and sewage systems

This is the other main products group we are focused on.
Since we started our business by selling mainly
plumbing products we have
advanced over the years, keeping the well
working solutions and improving the rest
so that today we can offer a wide range of products for the
needs of each water supply installation.

Ball and stop valves
PPR and PE pipes and fittings
Brass and galvanized fittings
Garden hoses and accessories
Water meters and pumps
Filters, clamps, seals and more.

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Radiators and convectors
Towel warmers
Pellet stoves and boilers
Heating fittings
Piping systems
Isolation and floor heating products

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Heating systems

Heating is one of the foundations of our business
here in Deca Trade. We offer a wide range
of heaters – radiators, convectors, and towel warmers.
A variety of heating equipment with focus on
pellet stove and boilers, high quality heating fittings,
piping systems, isolation and floor heating products.

Bathroom equipment

We offer a variety of shower systems
and accessories, faucets and spare parts;
siphons, corrugated connections,
toilet cisterns and lids from Bulgarian,
European and global manufacturers.

Shower systems and accessories
Faucets and spare parts
Siphons and flexible pipes
Toilet cisterns and lids

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Аluminum and stainless steel air ducts
Chimneys and chimney components
Plastic access doors and grates
Industrial or domestic fans

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Here you will find various solutions
for bathroom or kitchen ventilation
and aspiration or for the development
of ventilation and air exhaust systems.
The range offered by Deca Trade includes
aluminum and stainless steel air ducts,
chimneys and chimney components,
plastic access doors and grates.
There is also a great choice of industrial or domestic fans.

Construction chemistry

Products from the chemical industry in
support of construction and renovation
works; various models of silicones,
polyurethane foam and sealants, epoxy
adhesives, etc.; a large variety of technical
sprays and spray paints; ancillary products.

Silicones, polyurethane foam and sealants
epoxy adhesives
technical sprays and spray paints
ancillary products.

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